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Stretcher bond Alpha 3 size brindle Stretcher bond Beta 3 burnt oak with soldier course Stretcher bond Beta 3 size autumn gold with Omega® charcoal soldier course 45° herringbone in Alpha large brindle
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90° herringbone in Omega® brindle Alpha 3 size burnt oak in an unusual stretcher bond pattern Charcoal Bishop's Hats and Half-Omega® starter blocks with Terracotta Omega® in 45° herringbone pattern Stretcher bond in Omega® burnt oak with single charcoal courses
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Basketweave pattern shown here in red Stretcher bond pattern - in this case using Omega® golden brown for the outer with Omega® dark brown and charcoal inside Theta® cobbles compliment the standard Theta® blocks in a random mixture of grey and charcoal A pleasing mix of Alpha and Theta® in autumn gold laid in 90° herringbone pattern